Anger and Anxiety Triggers Workbook for Moms




I’m a mom too and I know all the struggles that come with staying calm when Mom Life is anything but easy! 🙈

But with the Anger and Anxiety Triggers Workbook for Moms, you get everything you need to successfully control those negative emotions that trigger you to anger and feeling anxious which lead to yelling and feeling guilty.

This workbook is designed to help you better understand your internal thought patterns which are often hidden cognitive distortions. Knowing how these distorted thought patterns can cause so many problems unknowingly is half the battle.

This workbook is made specifically for moms who struggle with mom anger and anxiety and will help you stay calm when you really want to yell…so you can avoid the shame and guilt cycle and model calm behavior for your kids.

Each chapter in this workbook walks you through first understanding why you feel so triggered and then helps you learn how to trigger-proof your days. Plus, there’s a full chapter on preventing triggering behavior during your daily hotspots like transitions and working at home.

If you’re tired of feeling short-tempered, on-edge, and yelling all the time… those days are gone!

This is the help you’ve been waiting for. Instead of your emotions controlling you, you’ll be controlling your emotions… and enjoying motherhood more than you have in a long time!

🔷What’s Included🔷

✔️ Intro Welcome Pages

✔️Inspiring Quote Page

✔️What You’ll Learn

✔️Chapter One

Learning the Truth About Though Patterns (2 Pages)

Common Cognitive Distortions Graphic

The Iceberg Effect Worksheet

What Do I Do About My Thoughts? Worksheet

✔️Chapter Two

Understanding Your Unique Triggers (3 Pages)

Emotions Personal Survey

“I Feel” Journal Page

Triggers & Glimmers Worksheet

✔️Chapter Three

Trigger-Proofing Your Daily Hotspots

Section 1 – Transitions

3 Steps to More Peaceful Transitions

8 Quick Tips for Better Transitions Everyday

Section 2 – Working at home with kids

Secret Sauce for Getting Focused Work Done with Kids

✔️Chapter 4

Reset with the 4 Step Trigger Recovery Plan (3 pages)

❓ F.A.Q. ❓

❓How to get access to the Workbook

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❓ What size is this printable?

  • Letter Size (8.5’’ x 11’’)

❓ What are the materials in this printable?

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❓What are the available colors?

  • Colors may vary slightly from screen to print depending on your computer and printer.

❓ Are refunds available?

  • Due to the fact that our products are all digital downloads, refunds are not accepted. However, if you have any issues with your purchase please contact me!


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